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Asia’s First Wine, Brewing and Alcohol Technology College
Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (Institute Id No. PU/NS/C/149/2009)
Approved by Government of Maharashtra
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Best Practices

Best Practice No.1

Title of the Best Practice-: Encouraging the students to conduct research for wine production from unconventional base ingredients which are beyond mentioned in curriculum.

Objective of the practice-

  1. To encourage the students to conduct research for wine production from various natural ingredients (fruits, flowers and herbs), which are apart from mentioned in curriculum.

The Practice-

The students of Institute of Agriculture Research and Wine Technology, studying in Post Graduate course of M.Sc. II year are always encouraged to conduct research in Wine making from various base ingredients whose base is fruits, flowers and herbs which are other than mentioned in syllabus.

Students are provided with the best facilities by the Institute for conducting experiments and are supported with various chemicals/ingredients required for practical/experiments which are needed for wine production. Faculty Members and Industrial Experts from various Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries assist students in developing the process required for wine making.

Equipment such as pumps, tanks, fermentation vats, steamers, pasteurizers, refrigerators, blenders, filters, oak wood barrels are provided to the students for conducting the in- depth research. They are always motivated to invent something new that will be in demand in the market. The students of GARTI Wine Technology and Alcohol Brewing have taken the initiative to make wine from the most unconventional sources like Coconut Water flavored wine, Almond and Pomegranate flavored wine, Strawberry and rose flavored wine. The students of M. Sc. (WABT) have conducted research on “Wine production from Pineapple fruit”. They have developed the detailed process of 17 days, starting from collection of pineapple fruit till the clear wine of it is bottled and racked. The wine was then tasted and recommended.